What does it mean to be a Conservative Dad?

We are just two Dad’s struggling to raise our kids in a broken world. We have conservative views, and are on a mission to raise responsible and accountable kids. This podcast is going to discuss the issues of being a conservative dad, and not so much about politics. To be honest the News is filled with negativity and scare tactics, and we are just not interested in discussing political issues.

What we are going to talk about are balancing what we call the 4 F’s of being a conservative dad. The 4 F’s are Faith, Family, Finances, and Friendships.

In this episode we are going to discuss what it means to be a Conservative Dad in these areas. Join us to learn more about what we stand for, and how we are raising our children.


“If we always do for our kids, how are they supposed to know that they are supposed to do for themselves?”  ~ Scott Stewart

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